Hear Seymour Read The Astreya Trilogy

Hear Seymour Hamilton read  The Astreya Trilogy, at Scribl.com

Just go to Scribl, join free, and when the system has verified your email, type “Seymour Hamilton,” choose the book and chapter, and enjoy the audio version.

E-book and paperback versions of The Astreya Trilogy are available from Fireship Books, fireshippress.com, and Amazon.


Book cover: Astreya, Book 1, The Voyage South

  Book cover: Astreya, Book 2, The Men of the Sea                                  Book cover: Astreya, Book 3, The Wanderer’s Curse


The audio version of The Astreya Trilogy was originally hosted by Podiobooks, which was rolled into Scribl in 2016.  The audio files are still accessible, free, alongside other books by Seymour Hamilton.