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Talking about books is my favourite occupation.

Do reach out and I’ll write you back.

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  1. I met you in Victoria a few years ago through Zoe. It is a pleasure to witness your dedication and amazing output. I’m going to start with the Laughing Princess. <3

    1. Ashara

      Thank you so much for responding to my withdrawal from Facebook. I hope to continue our friendship via email, and I also hope you will like The Laughing Princess. It’s a chore downloading the illustrated edition, but it has a whole other dimension thanks to the drawings by Shirley Mackenzie, of whom I’ve written “she can see inside my head.” In the world of illustrating books and creating their covers there are so many horror stories of images that are completely inappropriate to the text, for example a raven haired femme fatale on the dust jacket of a story in which the heroine is an innocent blonde. Or vice versa. And don’t get me started on pictures of sailboats! Happily, Shirley is one of the few who are also careful readers.

      I’m sorry to say I haven’t got an e-version of the illustrated edition, but I am sending you a copy of the audio version by email.


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