Astreya’s World

55My doorway to Astreya’s world opened during a voyage by traditional schooner to the remote community of Grey River, on the southern coast of Newfoundland. We entered a fjord through a gap in the cliffs so narrow that without a flashing navigation buoy to guide us, we might have sailed past and never known it was there.

When I started writing, I discovered more about Astreya’s world, and needed to make maps of the places he went. While writing Astreya’s story, I found myself sketching some of the ordinary things in his life such as knives, buckets, boats, ships, seagulls and anchors, and wishing I had his talents.

Here are a couple of samples of the maps and drawings you will find in the books.

Map of Astreya’s Village

The Mollie: the boat that takes Astreya south into adventure