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Shirley MacKenzie invented, designed and drew the cover for The Hippies Who Meant It

She has the ability to enter a book and look at whatever the author was writing about as if looking over his shoulder.  Because her uncanny skill had made the illustrated edition of The Laughing Princess a delight, I simply asked her if she would do the cover.  The result exceeded all my well-founded expectations.  Mary Montague, who prepared the MS for print, also wrapped the picture around the cover, and inserted “Joe’s Map”.

Joe's mapThe setting of The Hippies Who Meant It is overlaid on reality.  The North Mountain exists, as does the Bay of Fundy, the Village of Paradise, Bridgetown, Halifax and the main roads that connect them.  However, the detail is imaginary, so please don’t go looking for the Home in the Meadow, Anna’s house or Haystack Point. If you want to know where Joe, Beth and Dick live, and where it is in relation to their friends and neighbours, believe in Joe’s map while you’re reading.  When you go to the North Mountain, enjoy the reality around you for the magical place it is.

There is a dodomeme in the story that looks like one that is now falling into disrepair.  Don’t try to visit it: it’s on private property, and is so dangerous that it may soon be pulled down.  The photo below is one of several  you will find on here.

And for another retro moment: identify the following sixties peopl.

Simon & Garfunkle YOUNG Bob Dylan YOUNG Paul McCartney YOUNG Gordon Lightfoot YOUNG Keith Richards YOUNG

Scan 2

Peter, Paul & Mary YOUNG

Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney,  Gordon Lightfoot, Keith Richards, Oh My God, it’s Seymour!  Peter Paul & Mary.

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