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You can listen to Seymour read the Laughing Princess right here. All twelves stories appear below.

Even better for young readers, you can listen AND read. Order the E-book or paperback versions of The Laughing Princess from Amazon.

You can also hear Seymour Hamilton read The Laughing Princess at Scribl.com, where membership is free.

Chapter 1, “The Littlest Dragon

Chapter 2, “The Laughing Princess”

Chapter 3, the Wizard and the Fire Dragon

Chapter 4, Elemental Exchange

Chapter 5, The Solemn Son and the Boulder Roller

Chapter 6, The Thief of Hearts and the Dragonets

Chapter 7, The Warrior and the Trickerster Dragon

Chapter 8, Ryll’s Fortune

Chapter 9, The Poet and the Angular Dragon

Chapter 10, The Witch and the Tavern Wench

Chapter 11, The Queen and the Sea Rover

Chapter 12, Dragon Dawn

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Tales of Rebels and of the Sea. Also, stories about Dragons.