Buy the book

The Hippies Who Meant It is available many different ways.

1. Internationally via,, Amazon.UK, etc., as a hard copy book (in North America) and on Kindle.  The link for Canadian is here.  The link for the USA is here.  The link for the Australia is here.  The link for the UK is here.  Outside North America, the links will allow you only to purchase the Kindle edition.  The Hippies Who Meant It is also available in hard copy at  The link for CreateSpace is here.

Fluctuations in international exchange rates account for some of the differences in prices, but only God and Amazon knows what the price will be when you go there to buy your copy. If you live somewhere other than Canada or the US, expect to pay for shipping — or just get the Kindle and start reading.

2.  In Canada you can purchase The Hippies Who Meant It at the following absolutely splendid, perceptive, author-friendly, independent bookstores:

In Ottawa:  Perfect Books on Elgin Street

In Halifax NS: Bookmark on SpringGarden Road

In Wolfville NS: Box of Delights

In Greenwood NS: The Inside Story

In Bridgetown NS: Endless Shores

In Annapolis Royal NS: Mad Hatter (Bainton’s)

Patronize these splendid stores!

3.  From the horse’s mouth.  You can also purchase The Hippies Who Meant It directly from, me, Seymour Hamilton by emailing me at   If you are in Canada, it will cost you $15.  I’ll have to ding you for the postage if you’re not living somewhere close enough that we can meet for coffee. Don’t forget to include the name by which you like to be called, so that I can write something nice on the fly leaf!