Hear the Stories

Each of the twelve stories in The Laughing Princess are narrated by the author and available as a free podcast through Podiobooks.

Listen, and share these stories:

Chapter 1:The Littlest Dragon” in which Petra and Daniel meet a small but powerful dragon. [15:30]

Chapter 2:The Laughing Princess” in which a princess in a sailboat meets a sea dragon. [11:43]

Chapter 3:The Wizard and the Fire Dragon” in which a retired wizard unexpectedly conjures up a fire dragon. [14:22]

Chapter 4:Elemental Exchange” in which a blind man matches wits with a mountain of a dragon. [12:46]

Chapter 5:The Solemn Son and the Boulder-Roller” in which a playful dragon teaches a dull fellow to laugh. [14:21]

Chapter 6:The Thief of Hearts and the Dragonets” in which three small dragons help a musician decide who and what he really loves. [14:57]

Chapter 7:The Warrior and the Trickster Dragon” in which a warrior fights a shape-shifting dragon. [13:39]

Chapter 8:Ryll’s Fortune” in which a rich man’s pretty daughter asks a dragon for what she deserves. [27:38]

Chapter 9:The Poet and the Angular Dragon” in which a lonely dragon becomes the muse of a troubled poet. [11:43]

Chapter 10:The Witch and the Tavern Wench” in which a dragon saves two unusual women.  [21:17]

Chapter 11:The Queen and the Sea Rover” in which the princess, now queen, revisits the sea dragon to save her grand-daughter. [16:18]

Chapter 12:Dragon Dawn” in which two young people find their place in the history of dragons. [16:34]